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Authorised GE Protimeter Distributor
Authorised GE Protimeter Distributor
Protimeter Mini Moisture Meter
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Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter
Protimeter Hygromaster Moisture Meter
Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter
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The complete Protimeter range of moisture meters are available: Mini, Surveymaster, Aquant, Timbermaster, Hygromaster, Psyclone, MMS2, Speedy and Hygrotrac.

Protimeter are the market leaders in the development and manufacture of precision moisture meters. Founded in 1959 the range has now grow to include both moisture and humidity meters and with the support of their parent company, GE Sensing, quality will always be assured.

Protimeter Moisture Meters
We stock a complete range of Protimeter moisture meters and as the UK leading dealer advice will always be provided on the best instrument to meet your requirements. The range comprises of the simple Protimeter Mini with simplified colour-coded scale, the Protimeter Aquant with radio search mode, the Protimeter Surveymaster with search / measure modes and the Protimeter Timbermaster designed for reading moisture in timber. When measuring humidity there is a choice of the Protimeter Hygromaster, or the Protimeter Psyclone . If you would prefer a combination of moisture and humidity meter then the multi-purpose Protimeter MMS2 is best suited for you. We also stock more specialist instruments, the Protimeter Speedy 2000 series which pressure test a samples or the Protimeter Hygrotrac which remotely monitor 600 sensors.

Introducing the Protimeter Surveymaster2 is run by Survey Express Services - the UK's largest approved dealer of Protimeter moisture meters
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